Japanese mom riding Son Uncensored

Upon discovering her son’s fascination with her body, she puts up a little fight but is more amused than serious in her struggle. She says all the necessary things like “this is wrong”, “I am your mother”, etc, but she really enjoys his attention and eventually stops resisting except in a playful display of discomfort and dismay. The japanese mom seems to especially enjoy her son’s fascination with her ass, which is a huge turn-on to them both. On thing leads to another and culminates with her carefully taking a load in her mouth without letting a drop escape.

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  1. abe884 says:

    Yes, that’s it! Eat your Mother’s cunt and fuck her like a good boy should!! gave Me A Woody.If She Were My Mom I`d Have Done The Same Thing.I`d Fuck Her And Eat Her Every Chance I Could.Mmmmmmm Sexy Lil Slut.

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