Russian Mom takes care of her sons morning wood

Amalia the Russian mom is very hot MILF. She has a nice hairy pussy a man would die for to lick and fuck her hairy pussy. The Russian Mom takes care of her sons morning wood, like all moms should.

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2 responses to “Russian Mom takes care of her sons morning wood”

  1. Forex48450 says:

    Her name is Amalia, Klavdia or Claudia on videos but Faina is her real name and she’s a Russian speaking Estonian. Take note that she keeps her top on at all times. That is because she is a prim & proper lady from the aristocratic upper class, and she was taught at finishing school that ladies never expose their breasts in the presence of the opposite sex. She is a great fuck and I love to see a slut finger herself like that. But, what I am most impressed with is what an excellent cock sucker she is. Whoever trained her knew what he was doing. You other sluts should take note of her technique.

  2. jacky says:

    I love these vid’s….seem’s like such a natural scenario….older lady wants some stiff young cock….:) wish my sexy mature aunt would take care of me like this, id love to see her facial expression while she jerks me off; watching as the cum spurts out of her young nephews dick uncontrollably for her.

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